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How to Manage Subscribers and Contacts in Email Marketing

November 28, 2013

Subscribers and contacts are two different terms. Subscribers are people who receive any sort of publications on a regular basis by paying in advance. Just like newspapers, magazines, newsletters etc. Subscribers always receive publications that are not private but public. These people have access to all public information provided to them. There is no such personal contact between any two subscribers. It is a one way communication.

On the other hand, contacts are totally the opposite. They are the communication between any two individuals, that is, a two way communication. It could be either personal or professional. Contacts cannot be public and no contact has access to information of any other contact.

To manage subscribers and contacts is not a tedious task. One just has to be careful on the type of information shared with subscribers and contacts. Sharing personal details with subscribers could prove to be risky as compared to contacts. Contacts can be trusted but subscribers can’t. Having larger number of subscribers can help in gaining contacts for a better business.

To manage subscribers, one has to collect subscribers by attracting them to such offers and content. Subscribers are more in quantity as compared to contacts. They have a lot of impact in the business since various ideas and innovations are presented, people with different taste also occur. There are unlimited categories of subscriptions out of which few are:

  • E-mail subscribers: These subscribers are the ones who would like to receive any important updates via their e-mail ids instead of repeatedly visiting any site. Those sites then mail any important notifications that are auto generated to the subscribers. These subscriptions may include any newsletters too. Subscribers then can receive newsletters regularly based upon their choices of daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Newspaper Subscribers: They are the most prominent ones in today’s world. Every house has one newspaper subscription at least. They are on a daily basis and public. Subscribers are not in touch with each other. Just the information is public.
  • Magazine Subscribers: They are normally on a monthly or yearly basis. Users have their own choice of magazines.
  • Caller tune Subscribers: Every network operator offers its subscribers a caller tune subscription on a certain cost. Subscribers are charged on a monthly basis for the same. This subscription is optional.

Another type could possibly be social networking subscribers and contacts. To manage subscribers and contacts on social networking sites is not difficult. People not connected to you can subscribe to you and can view the updates that you have selected to be visible to public subscribers. Whereas the contacts in your circle have access to view your other updates that subscribers cannot view. Contacts can be trusted with your specific information. Managing them can be done by simply customizing the settings separately for contacts as well as subscribers. Subscribers can view your daily updates, if any. Contacts may or may not view them. Subscribers simply are the ones who follow you. Contacts are the ones who are communicating with you either personally or professionally.

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