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How to Create a Time-Saving Email Marketing Routine

August 25, 2014

If you are running a business you haven’t got an endless supply of time in which to run your email marketing campaigns; in fact your time overall is likely to be severely restricted and hence very valuable. It is for this reason that you need to have a schedule for your email marketing and stick to it.

Sticking to a schedule can be difficult, especially with all the conflicting issues that running a business brings, but it’s vital that it happens. If you don’t do what you have planned it can have a serious negative impact on your campaign.

Don’t over commit

To make it easier for you to stick to your marketing schedule don’t be over ambitious. You need to make sure that you are going to have time to commit to what you plan, and not just as a one off, or occasionally, but consistently. For instance, a newsletter should be issued at least once a month so that the recipient is still focused on your products or services. Check out the opportunities to try free email marketing services that can help you do this.

Use templates

Using email marketing services can give you access to professionally designed templates which can be amended to reflect your brand. This means that you can be consistent in your design enabling you to work quickly enough to stick to a schedule. Templates have the added bonus of giving your communications a professional and coherent appearance.

Meet deadlines

If you are running a business it can seem tempting to deal with a financial matter or a processing problem before sending planned email communications. While dealing with immediate issues such as these can be beneficial in the short term, taking time to send those planned emails will have a longer lasting benefit. If you want to send a series of emails, using an autoresponder service can be useful. You can create the emails and then set them up to be sent at a specific time making the process more efficient. You need to make sure that the information in these emails is not time relative so they do not seem out of date when they are received.

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