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Anti-Spam Policy participates delivering spam-free services. If you’re reading this, you are probably not a spammer. But online world is full of spammers and we strive to keep our customers free from spamming. We, as a responsible internet citizen, follow the “Anti Spam Policies” and value the privacy rights of other citizens. So before you start utilizing our services, it is valued you read our anti-spam policies and agree to our terms and conditions. There are four basic ways of violating our policies:

  • By sending spam emails to registered or non-registered recipients.
  • By sending content which comes under spamming, including unsolicited emails.
  • By refusing to respond to an enquiry form asked by staff members.
  • By not including the required information in every email sent through our email marketing campaign. reserves all the rights to determine whether a customer is spamming. Our criteria may be based upon: violating our policies, finding spamming complaints from recipients, SpamCop reports, and complaints sent to any of Instant365’s upstream providers and evaluating email campaign statistics.

How Instant365 defines spam?

Spam is any promotional, informational or solicited email sent to any person via email without his/her permission. Any email failing to conform to the CAN-SPAM requirements, and/or containing prohibited content will be considered spam.

Examples of Spam

  • Sending an email to a recipient who had earlier signed up for the newsletter or promotional emails, but later opted-out to receive such emails.
  • Any email sent to a person who has preferred not to receive any promotional emails in future.
  • Any email sent to non-specific addresses such as,, or etc.
  • Any email sent to a purchased list of recipients
  • Any email which does not contains a valid email address in Form Line
  • Any email which does not include a valid physical address and/or phone number.
  • Any email which contains false or misleading information in header, subject line or body
  • Any email containing offers like “Earn $1000 each week from home”

Prohibited Content Spam

You are requested not to send anything which is offensive, prohibited, or illegal. The following list includes some examples of content that are prohibited:

  • Pornography, adult content, escort or dating services
  • Materials disclosing personal information of children under 19
  • Materials selling or promoting illegal products, drugs or substances
  • Materials that are threat for society
  • Internet security threats such as viruses, worms, harmful codes and/or malware
  • Content that violates the FTC’s Can-SPAM Law
  • Material encouraging violence against any governments, groups, or individuals
  • Affiliate or multi-level marketing products and/or services
  • List broker or list rental services

What is Not Spam?

  • Below are examples of content that is *not* considered SPAM:
  • Emails that an organization sends to its present/past customers, if the customers have not already opted-out for receiving such emails.
  • Emails sent to a recipient who has requested for such emails from the sender or sender’s organization.
  • Emails sent to a recipient who has agreed to receive information or promotions from a partner organization.
  • Emails that abide with Instant365’s terms of services.
  • Emails sent to a recipient who has attended a show, webinar or function, and has provided his email address understanding he may receive such promotional emails.
  • An email sent to an address that has been properly collected through opt-in policies from your website, your partner’s website or through a registration-form.
  • An email which contains all required fields including the title, header, valid email & physical address and phone numbers.


Any customer sending spam mails is violation of Instant365’s Anti Spam Policy.

How to avoid spam related problems?

We constantly try to keep our systems clean and spam-free, for giving our customers a better experience. We reserve all the rights to terminate the accounts of mailers sending spam mails to our customers.

Required elements of every mass mail:

It is suggested you follow the quality guidelines while sending a mail to mass recipients. The mails you send must include an easy-to-navigate subscribe and unsubscribe link. You may alternatively contact us to manually remove a user from your recipients list.

Every email marketing campaign sent through Instant365 must contain:

  • An accurate and proper subject line.
  • A valid Unsubscribe link in message body. Not having the link is considered as violation of Instant365’s policies.
  • The sender’s valid postal address.
  • The sender’s valid phone number (optional but highly recommended)
  • Appropriate content – please see below.

We also require that each email message comply with CAN-SPAM laws.

Right to Review Email Marketing Campaigns and Contact Lists

Instant365, including its employees and partners, reserve the rights to copy or review the content of your email marketing campaign. We may use this data to develop algorithms, heuristics and computer programs. This data can also be used to verify if your content comply with our anti-spam policies. We also reserve the rights to see/modify your contact list for possible bad, invalid or spamtrap addresses.

Feedback Loops w/ISPs

Instant365 has its relationship with most major ISPs. These ISP’s include:

  • AOL
  • Yahoo
  • Comcast
  • Earthlink
  • Hotmail/MSN/Outlook
  • Roadrunner
  • United Online (Juno/NetZero, etc.)
  • SpamCop

Whenever a recipient clicks “this is spam” button in their email program, a FBL (Feedback Loop) report is sent to us. We analyse the entire email campaign to track the possible threats, and remove the complainer from sender’s list. If the complains exceed a reasonable threshold, we take appropriate action against the sender. To avoid such action on you, you are recommended to read and abide with our terms of services and anti-spam policies.

Instant365’s Complaint Response Process

We try our best to maximize the usefulness of our email marketing campaigns, thus educate our senders to use best email practices and avoid spamming. If you have any question or inquiry regarding our anti-spam policies, feel free to contact us.

How we deal with complaints

There are cases when we receive spam complaints against a sender even if he is not spamming. It is Instant365’s policy to respond to every complain we receive, just to make sure our customers feel safe with us. On the other hand, we also take care of the comfort of our senders. The steps we take when we receive a complaint are:

  • Contacts the Email Manager for the customer’s account with a Instant365 Abuse Inquiry. The inquiry is based on asking about the list source and other information available regarding the questioned email address. Failure to respond to the Abuse inquiry itself is a violation of our policies. The customer may not respond directly to the complainant without prior approval from Instant365’s Abuse staff.
  • The Instant365 Abuse team analyses the customer’s response and determines whether or not the customer is in compliance with this policy.
  • Instant365 will respond to the complainant, as long as the customer has been adhering to this policy. If the customer is found clean, we reassure him that his email address has been unsubscribed from future mailings.
  • If the customer finds violating this policy, the customer will receive a spam determination response from our Abuse team with specific information related to the violation.