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Email Marketing Features

We at Instant365 cover the widest range of email marketing features and ensure that your business remains ahead. Explore the leading features of our email marketing solutions.

Design Features

Email Templates
You can choose from a large number of attractive, email templates for different industries. We offer templates already tested for all the different email clients such as Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook and Hotmail. In other terms, your prospects and customers would see the messages precisely the way you want them to.

Easy and Instant Image Uploading
Our email marketing solutions enable you to upload any number of images. Every account is offered with unlimited free image hosting.

Before you send your email, use this special feature to see how your message would appear to the recipient. It is possible to preview the email in the browser or send it to yourself as an email.

HTML Editing
If you are an advanced user, we allow you to get complete access for customizing the HTML of your email marketing campaigns. This can be achieved from the "source" tab in the WYSIWYG editor.

Archive of Sent Emails
An RSS archive is automatically created for all the emails sent in your campaigns. This makes it easier for you to see the archive on any place where there is an RSS support.

Anchor Links
Anchors enable link insertion between different parts of your email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Campaign Features

Convenient and Automatic Un-subscription
We provide you convenient tools to insert the unsubscribe link in the email marketing campaign. Automatic processing of unsubscribe requests offers peace of mind to everyone.

Tips for Optimizing Campaign
We at Instant365 provide advice, tips and tricks for ensuring that your campaign is entirely optimized. Get tips for improving subject lines and when to send the messages.

Automatically Handling Bounces
Bounced emails are handled automatically on your email subscribers list. This ensures that your list would always remain clean. It is also possible to get the list of bounced email addresses and also check details of soft and hard bounce.

Send Attachments
Our services offer complete support to upload and send email attachments. We also provide the option for embedding images as attachments. This means that it is also possible for the recipients to view your email without internet connection.

Free Spam Checker
Our system analyzes your emails for spam keywords and a spam report is generated so that you can make changes. This eliminates the chances that your email could end up in the junk email folder of your recipients.

No Duplicity
With Instant365, there is no need to get concerned about the duplicity of your emails. You get our assurance that there is never going to be any duplicate email address in your email subscription list.

Captcha Form Support
Enable captcha form support to eliminate those automatic submissions to your website.

These are some of the leading features of the email marketing campaigns we create for our clients.