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Create Number of Autoresponders
An Autoresponder is an email that is sent to your contact after they have been retained on your subscriber list for a specific period of time. This time period could be 24 hours, 1 week or 2 weeks. The Instant365 email marketing system enables you to create sequential autoresponding emails for each one of the contacts on your list.

Filtering the List
It is possible to assign an Auto-Responder to the entire list or only a part of it. For example, you could choose only those in San Francisco having 20 employees. In other terms, it is possible to assign a number of auto-responders to a subscriber list on the basis of custom filters rather than separating the contacts for different lists.

HTML or Text
We empower you to create appealing HTML emails or educational textual emails or both with our integrated campaign editor. These auto-responders could be sent in any format and the email client of your subscriber would display the version that is best supported.

Open, Unsubscribe, Link Reporting
Similar to email marketing campaign stats, it is possible to know the contacts that opened the Autoresponder. You can also know the links clicked, who unsubscribed and the bounces.

Engage Subscribers Instantly
You can engage your subscribers instantly in a number of ways:

  • Send them any number of Autoresponder messages.
  • Send automatic follow-up emails to give more attention to your new subscribers. New subscribers are more interested in hearing from you, but they are less acquainted with your company name as the older members on your list.
  • Once you have welcomed your new subscribers, it is possible to take them to your site using our sequential auto-responders.
  • Provide information on products, offer downloads and answer their questions.
  • Build the trust and confidence of your subscribers.
  • No need for manual sending. We offer unlimited Autoresponder Email Software that sends out the emails automatically.
  • It is also possible to personalize the emails by adding the name and other details of the subscribers.

Elegant Auto-Responder Templates
Our designers are regularly building new email templates. We offer hundreds of unique Autoresponder templates for our clients to choose from. There are designs with single or multiple columns, and multiple color schemes for matching with the brands of our clients. it is possible to personalize the templates by adding your images or logo. We have tested them for all the leading and commonly used email services.

Tracking and Improving Performance

  • Because you can see how the follow-up Autoresponder is going to perform, there is no need to rely on guesswork.
  • Get details about the contacts that opened the messages and that didn’t.
  • Find out whoever clicked the links in your email.
  • The amount of revenue generated by specific messages.
  • The email services being used by subscribers for reading messages.
  • Exporting, printing and emailing statistics.

Determine Your Delivery Hours
Choose the time periods when you would want your auto-responders to be sent.

Keep in mind that the emails that appear at the top of your recipient’s inbox are likely to get the most attention. Our special Autoresponder feature would help you ensure that your email message appears at the top.