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Manage Subscribers & Contacts

With the email marketing solutions from Instant365, you can start collecting and managing your subscribers from day one. We would provide everything to let you Manage contacts with utmost ease.

Track Subscriber Activities

  • You can easily track the activities of your subscribers
  • The stats are provided in a simple layout
  • Find out the subscribers that opened your message and those who didn’t
  • Get information on the revenue generated by each message
  • Learn about the links clicked according to the subscribers
  • Get the number of subscribers that unsubscribed

Email Analytics

  • Segment for sending targeted emails
  • Just a single click allows to Manage Email Subscribers and creating subscriber segments according to activity
  • Get details about the subscribers that opened your email messages and that didn’t
  • The subscribers that purchased and that didn’t
  • Those who clicked and those who didn’t click your link
  • The information provided during SignUp
  • Their location and lots more details

Move your Subscribers List to Instant365

  • We have specialized experts on important who would help you in making the switch.
  • Free support for moving the subscriber list.
  • Answering all your questions regarding migration.
  • Move easily from other email marketing software and services.

Contact Management Our Manage contact management service ensures that you always comply with the spam laws. We have an automatic handling system for opt-in, bounced email cleaning and unsubscribe requests that ensure that you follow the best practices.

SignUp Forms You can create custom SignUp forms on your site, matching the color scheme of your brand.

Unlimited Custom Fields Build different custom fields for storing extra information regarding contacts. This includes:

  • Location
  • Last name
  • Interests
  • Phone number

We enable addition of customized fields into our clients’ email campaigns for personalizing them, something that could be compared to the Mail Merge feature in MS Word.

Build Multiple Contacts Lists You would be able to create and Manage Subscribers lists as per your requirement. This would enable grouping contacts according to lead source or type like sales leads and newsletter subscribers.

Dual Opt-in Confirmation We ensure that you would be following the best practices and keeping your list clean by asking your subscribers to click the link on an automatically sent email for verification and confirmation.

Change Subscription Details All the contacts in your subscription list are allowed to change the information in their subscription. This includes information like first name, email address and preferences among others.

Remove Contacts in Bulk Another way to Manage contact list is to remove a large number of contacts by just uploading a file or typing the email addresses. It is possible to remove the contacts on a permanent basis or by marketing them to be unsubscribed. Both the methods can stop the contacts from getting new emails.

Single-Click Un-subscription Send the unsubscribe links automatically so that your subscribers are always at peace. This can also help you adhere to the anti-spam laws.