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Email marketing solutions

Email Marketing

We at provide Email marketing services to clients from every industry. With all of your customers and prospects having at least one email address, it has become more important than ever to include Email Marketing into your overall promotional campaign. It is one of the most cost-effective forms of communication with all types of business prospects and customers. What are the benefits of Email Marketing campaigns and how can we help make it a success? Read on to find out.

Improves Your Sales
In the world of marketing, an average sale takes place after a target audience has seen or heard about a product for at least half a dozen times. Our Email marketing services involve sending multiple messages to our clients’ subscribers to educate them about their products in the best possible light.

This “education” leads your prospects to trust you, this makes selling almost a natural process. Our Email campaign ensures that even if your prospects are not currently considering to buy from you, your business is going to remain on top of their mind.

Our advisory team
When we work with you, you would find a marketing expert supporting you throughout your campaign. We understand that each business is unique. We would assign a specialized advisor to you who would have deep knowledge about your industry. Our advisors would help you in building your email marketing strategy relevant to your niche. In fact, you would soon start feeling that our expert becomes a part of your team.

How our team work to achieve their goal?

When you sign-up with us, your advisor is going to work closely with you to increase your ROI using the following tools:

  • Segmentation
  • Re-engagement campaigns
  • Split testing
  • Optimizing message layout
  • Design services
  • Social media campaigns

How we increase leads for clients?

We help you create targeted content and implement the right combination of email strategies to help create new opportunities for additional leads. From newsletters to autoresponders our Email marketing services help you get more leads for higher revenue.

Saves Money, Time and Effort
Replace the traditional paper-based newsletter with emails and reduce the costs significantly. This is going to give you more:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Resources

You could focus all your energy on other business generation activities.


  • We offer customizable Email marketing solutions.
  • We understand that each brand is unique, and therefore each Email Campaign needs to be unique too.
  • Our experienced and skilled professionals would tailor all the subject lines, designs and content to specifically meet your requirements.

Easy and Effective Follow Up
Bulk email service is easy to follow up, unlike other traditional marketing methods.

  • We help you in getting helpful feedback about your business and brand by getting the opinions of your prospects and customers.
  • Following up emails allows you to engage in open communication without facing your prospects, which could be difficult in direct contact.

Real-Time Delivery

  • As an Email Marketing Company, we at Instant365 bring the benefit of immediate response and results for your clients. Because of the immediacy of this form of communication, it is possible to get results within a few minutes, hours or within 24 hours.
  • Our Email Services can also include the creation of immediate call-to-action email messages that could draw instant response and sales.

A unique feature that differentiates Email Marketing against other promotional strategies is that your messages are going to get the eyeball of each and every recipient. On the other hand, other forms of advertising could be ignored by most of the target audience without even realizing your business name or brand.

Personalize Messages

  • Our Email marketing campaigns involve creation of personalized messages to ensure that you are speaking to your prospects and customers at a more personal level. Relatively, traditional forms of advertising offer a more or less standard format to reach the target audience.
  • Our professionals make the extra effort to ensure that your Email marketing messages are dynamic and cater to your specific needs each and every time.
  • We can also categorize all of your subscribers list based on specific criteria and create personalized messages to get the best possible response.