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Customer Support

Instant365's email marketing system makes it simple for anyone to communicate effectively with their audience. Our services go beyond the basics offered by most of the other email marketing and newsletter services in the industry. We have a certified Customer Support team, billing department and account executives who deliver the best level of service to our customers.

You could reach us in many different situations:

  • You are in need of help with regard to using our solutions
  • You have some questions related to billing
  • You want to learn deeper about email marketing

You could have any other query, our Customer Support team can be reached instantly on Live Chat, E-mail or Phone. We ensure that you would always get in contact with a live person.

There are additional support materials in the form of guides, resources, knowledgebase and FAQs that can help you gain more information if you have more time at your disposal. Our resources can provide you all the information at just a click of a mouse.

There are helpful articles in our blog on all topics starting from creating the subject lines to improving your email copy. The email marketing articles define best email practices and the ways you could put them to use for boosting your campaigns. Check our knowledge base and learn about the latest trends and news from the industry.

Modes of Contact

Email - Our email Customer Support service is available 24 hours on weekdays.

Phone - Phone support is available during regular business hours on all weekdays.

Live Chat - Our experienced and specialized customer support staff is available live 24 hours a day during weekdays and limited hours on weekends.

The customer services and technical support staff at Instant365 ensure that our clients are always getting the best out of our solutions. Our support staff is ever-ready to help you and answer your queries, direct you to the right department and process your requests. You could be a new or an existing customer, have a large or small budget, but our staff would always ensure that everyone is offered the highest level of support services.

We are open during regular business hours. If you need Customer Support outside the operating hours, all you have to do is send an email and our staff could reach back on the next business day.

You could also use our FAQs, Blogs and Tutorial Videos to find answers to all your queries. Else, you could seek a one-on-one Customer Support services with our staff. We have experienced, skilled and friendly support team members who are committed to keeping your email marketing campaigns, working in a flawless manner.

If you are considering to start your email campaign, make sure to check our FAQs and Blog section to gain as much knowledge as possible. Here, you could find answers to most of your queries. Existing clients could learn about new strategies and keys that could help them evolve their campaign and take it to an entirely new level.