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Create Email Campaign

At Instant365, we have handled Email Campaigns for hundreds of leading brands and different types of organizations. Creation of effective copy in email marketing can help in making a significant amount of difference. Our specialists look at emails from a multitude of angles.

Every year, we create thousands of effective pieces of email content, with winning subject lines, gripping calls to action and scannable formats. We understand that email marketing is a measurable marketing tool.

Increase Leads

Our Email Campaigns experts help ensure that your email marketing campaign always remains afresh. The right combination of targeted email content and strategies will help you explore new opportunities to get more leads. From newsletters to autoresponders to broadcasts, our email marketing services would bring you more leads and more revenue.

Our clients enlist us for opening the gates to lead generation using our email marketing and copyright services.

Subject Lines

Our Email Campaigns specialists create subject lines with the following features:

  • Creating a sense of urgency – We include timely information for inspiring your subscribers to open your email.
  • Information Hierarchy – We ensure that the subject lines remain within the character limits. We prioritize the information on the basis of its importance. This ensures that the main message gets delivered even if the length of the subject lines goes beyond the limits allowed by the server.

Involving your Readers Social networks, forums and blogs have come to become extremely popular. These interactive channels help make users feel that they are involved. We also offer the option to create the premise through our email copywriting and keeping your subscribers engaged through our content. We could include:

  • Reader Polls
  • Question & Answers from Customers
  • Reader Case Studies

Maintaining a Mix of Informational and promotional Copy

It doesn’t matter whether the objective of your email marketing campaign is to promote your products, declare some news or some special offer, our Email Campaigns would complement the information with other useful information.

For example, the announcement of a new product could be supplemented with an interview of a thought leader from the industry. We can also include tips or guides when promoting your seasonal offer.

Clear Call to Action

If there are lots of calls to action, we know that your subscribers could become confused. The simple rule is that when prospects are given with too many options, they are least likely to make a purchase. Therefore, we ensure that we only focus the calls to action.

We use the following strategies for ensuring this:

  • We depend on placement position and sizes for emphasizing the call to action.
  • We write copies that precisely tell your subscribers about the expectations in return.
  • Our copy reiterates to your subscribers that the action is easy and quick to take.

Our Email Campaigns specialists go beyond visualizing the subscribers and study their email opening and click-through actions. We also consider their demographics. At any point, if we are not sure what they want, we can also use reader surveys.