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Email Analytics

An email marketing campaign is effective only if you can maintain Email Marketing Analytics. Without such a system, it is not possible to tell the number of people who have opened your emails. We at Instant365 provide detailed email analytics to help our clients get all the useful data required for making any changes to their campaign.

It is possible to view the report for a custom date range, for the last week, the month or an entire year.

Tracking Link Clicks
Check the links that are clicked, by which email addresses and at what time. You can use this data for your sales team for following up with those who appear to be interested in your products by making a click in your email.

Tracking Email Bounce
Our Email Analytics system handles bounces automatically. You can check reports that display the email addresses that bounced along with the reasons and time.

Integration with Google Analytics
When sending your emails, it is possible to feed a Google Analytics tracking code to all the links. This would provide you complete integration for a number of details:

  • e-commerce conversions
  • Number of visits
  • Objectives

Reporting Unsubscription
Check the unsubscribe stats for each and every email marketing campaign. This can be done for different date ranges. It is also possible to check the details of all the contacts that unsubscribed from the list. Our Email Analytics also tells the unsubscribe rate compared to the open and bounce rates.

Learn about the time of the day or day of the week when your emails result in actions from your subscribers. In the future, it is possible to group the subscribers according to their preference for the time of the day. This means you would be sending your messages at a time when they are likely to be most responsive.

Single-Click Segmentation
Our Email Analytics system requires just a single click for choosing your responsive subscriber groups and sending relevant emails to only those who are most likely to open and click. You can make changes to the title and resend your messages to those who have not opened your emails in the past.

Email Comparison
This feature enables you to compare the results delivered by different messages. You could analyze details like email openings, clicks, unsubscribing and conversions. This would help you understand what works the best for your target audience.

Autoresponder Stats
It is possible to compare all the autoresponder message stats on simple graphs. Identify the weak places and make changes at the message level to improve the overall performance and results.

Smart Reporting
The Instant365 Email Analytics system allows you to set up automatic reports. The reports would be delivered to your email periodically. These graphs can provide all the required information including the opens, clicks, bounces and reasons for unsubscribing.