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How to Make Money with the Perfect Email Marketing Campaign

July 26, 2014

Email marketing isn’t just about firing a few random emails out to a list of people, it’s about a well-planned, targeted, information rich campaign.  This is the way that you will increase the amount of opens, clicks through, and ultimately conversions.

Email Marketing Services

Using a professional email marketing solution helps you to organize your marketing to maximize its revenue making potential.  You ensure that your emails are optimized for reaching their intended target and for eventually leading to a good return on investment (ROI).

Keep it simple

We live in a fast moving world that doesn’t allow for much time to sit and digest a lot of information.  If you want to get the best results from your emails don’t make the recipient have to think too much.  Keep to one topic throughout the email right through from the subject line to the call to action (CTA).  If you start to go off on a tangent then the reader will become disinterested before they even get to the CTA so you won’t get the click through you need.

Think timing

Sometimes it’s true that timing is everything.  There are optimum times of day for getting the desired effect from your campaigns.  A recipient is more likely to open an email in the evening; they are also more likely to read the contact and act on any CTA.  The weekend is the next best time for effective campaigning.  When you think about it all of this makes sense; generally people are busy during the normal working day so they have more time to act on the emails they receive outside of these hours.  Depending on how many emails an individual receives they may choose to be selective about emails received earlier in the day when they get chance to check their inbox. 

Professional email marketing solutions know all of this information and use it to optimize your email marketing campaigns.

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