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Innovative Ways to Use Email Reports

September 11, 2014


Email marketing is one of the best ways to engage and keep new leads; it follows that it’s vital to make the most of your email campaigns and use them in a creative manner to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Creative marketing doesn’t need to take up an enormous amount of your time if you use email marketing services. A great deal of the work is done for you so that you can benefit from the results while still having time to concentrate on the running of your business. But what are the most creative ways to improve your email marketing?

Contact those that are hard to reach

Not everyone has a job or a business that requires them to sit at a desk all day; whereas those that are used to working in an office usually check their emails regularly, those that have outdoor jobs, for instance, often don’t. This can make them hard to reach. Using email marketing solutions you can set your email reports so that you will get an email sent to you as soon as someone completes one of your contact forms or clicks through from one of your emails. This means that they are more than likely available to receive an email or phone call from you at that time. Thus you can take the chance to make contact.

Make the most of your followers

If you have managed to attract interest to your product or service you do not want to lose the investment of those individuals. You can use your email services to set your email reports so that you know when people are regularly interacting with you. This gives you the perfect opportunity to maintain their interest with well thought out communications that recognize their loyalty.

Think Geographically

You can use Geo Tracking to ascertain the IP addresses of the people who open your emails, and where they are located. This in turn allows you to tailor your campaign to include geographically specific information regarding your product or service.

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