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Email Deliverability - Tips to Get in the Inbox

November 11, 2013

An email marketing campaign is successful only if your email is delivered in right place, in the inbox of your recipients. The anatomy of this marketing is most of the emails are delivered in SPAM folder and recipients don’t even notice them. You can never expect someone to open and read your email if it’s not in their inbox. Ensuring email deliverability in inbox is very crucial and it can be ensured by following some simple guidelines. But before that, we must learn about the reasons that cause an email to be a spam.

The spam filter of any emailing system works on the content of the email, or the sender. If you have words in your email like F*R*E*E, chances are much that it will be delivered in spam folder. Even if you have too many bad links or messy HTML code in your email, it will be considered as spam. The key is not what to say; it is how you say it and how your readers get engaged with it. Email deliverability in inbox can be ensured by following some simple tips. Here are some of them:

Your List:

Having a good recipient list is the key to success in email marketing. Before selecting your list, use a double opt-in form for sign-ups. This is particularly easy if you have already sent the emails to all your recipients. While sending second email, use the statics of first email such as who opened your email, who clicked the link and who are no-responders. This will give you a solid list for future use. You do not have to send the email to every person all the time. Just be specific and be productive, send to those who are really interested.

Content, content, content:

\"Content is king\" is the global slogan and email marketing is not an exception. This is even more valuable if you want to ensure email deliverability. Content is the reason why most of the promotional emails are reported spam. You must deliver something that can be valuable for your readers. Think like a recipient while writing content for your email. Choose the words very carefully, and avoid words like free, best, or something that may confuse the readers or the spam filters.

Follow the rules:

Spam filters have their unique rules and they filter anything that seems spam in their eyes. There are some parts in your email that spam filters love, such as clear From Label and Subject line, unsubscribe link and valid postal address. Avoid spammy words or phrases in body. Also, keep the links and HTML of your email clear.

These are the simple rules that you can follow to improve email deliverability. No need to mention, your campaign depends upon the email opening ratio. Try your best to deliver the email in inbox and you can certainly increase the number of people reading your email. Stay updated with latest changes, and guidelines of spam filters. Stick to the basics and enjoy the benefits.

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