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Basics and Essence of Email Marketing Solutions

December 02, 2013

Email marketing is all about broadcasting a commercial message to groups of people using an email. It basically grabs the attention of people towards the advertisements or promotional activities. It involves usage of an email for sending advertisements, requesting business, or soliciting sales or donations. It helps in building trust, reputation, loyalty or brand awareness.


  • Direct: Involves sending an e-mail particularly to communicate a promotional message to people. It can have announcements of new offers etc.
  • Transactional: Triggered based on a customer’s action of a transaction with a company. They are auto-generated by the company like order or purchase confirmation from the customer. Main purpose of transactional e-mails is that it informs the customer that the transaction has occurred. Daily, weekly, monthly newsletters are also a part of these transactional e-mails since they are also auto-generated.

Talking of e-mail marketing, its solutions are all about how to improve the marketing of products via e-mails. E-mail marketing solutions have some purpose of sending such mails which basically are:

  • Enhancing the merchant - customer relationship to maintain customer loyalty and keep repeating the business
  • Acquiring new customers through current ones
  • Convincing present customers to purchase more products
  • Advertising more products of other companies

Factors affecting e-mail marketing solutions:

  • Layout: Layout is the main crux in e-mail marketing solutions. That’s exactly the first impression and this creates the last impression. Better the layout, higher the chances of acquiring customers. Having a fancy layout would rather help a lot.
  • Subject: All main details lie in the subject itself since it briefs out the content of the mail in short. If the subject itself is light weighted, no customer will ever get interested in reading the mail. Subject is ought to be catchy and attractive. E.g.: Special discounts in terms of percentage or higher amount of discounts.
  • Brand value in market: Typically, people expect special offers from their favorite brands in the market. Mails from such brands specifically attract them since they are already loyal customers.
  • Discount coupons: People usually like to avail their discount coupons in shopping since these coupons are not often available. This highly attracts customers.
  • Special offers: Highlighting special offers can get new customers and continue brand loyalty with the current customers as well. It can include the “buy one get one free” scheme, or “buy xyz and get abc at heavy% discount” scheme or maybe “buy three at the price of two” scheme. Keeping the current scenario in mind, one company may also offer lucky winners to get a chance to meet any current famous movie star by purchasing a product and submitting some code to a number.
  • Make the customer feel special: if customers are not treated as a common person but a special customer, the urge arises to purchase a product then. E.g.: by addressing a customer by their names or making them realize that the discount or special offer is just for them.

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