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FAQ about Email Marketing

Is there any limit on the number of lists I can create?
You could create any number of lists. When it comes to organizing your contacts, it would be ideal to create a number of lists. It would be required to create different lists for different newsletters - a list for each demographic or group.

How do your charge your clients?
We would be charging you per list subscription. It would be counted every time a new contact gets added to your list. If you deal with an email marketing service that charges per mail, it could become quite expensive.

Are there any HTML templates?
We offer a complete range of HTML templates for our clients to choose from. We keep updating it on a weekly basis. The HTML editor makes it extremely easy to use and edit all the templates for customization.

How are email deliveries confirmed?
We use the most sophisticated queue emailing system that sends out all the emails instantly. After all the emails are delivered, you would receive a confirmation email that informs the following details:

  • Starting time for the campaign
  • Finish time
  • Number of emails sent

Can I know who opened my emails?
The moment a contact opens an email, the date and time gets automatically recorded, and it is reported to you through a report.

Is there any limit to the number of people on my subscriber list?
It is possible to have unlimited number of people on your list. Make sure to organize your list into different sub - groups, which can be helpful in creating targeted email campaigns.

Will my emails reach all the leading email domains?
Yes, your email campaigns would get through to all the leading email domains. We at Instant365 are on the whitelist and we have created a feedback look with all the top email service providers for monitoring and instantly reacting to any complaints.

How do you handle bounce back?
We have complete bounce-back handling system in place. Sometimes, servers could be down resulting in a normal email message to bounce. We don't immediately remove your subscriber because of this reason, but do so only after multiple bounces. If you notice that an email address has been removed from your list due to an error, it is possible to add it back.

Do you include an opt-out link in the emails?
Each and every email that you send out through Instant365 has an opt-out link as an essential. This gives the option to a subscriber to remove themselves from the list on a permanent basis by just clicking this link and unsubscribing. It is not possible to remove the Unsubscribe link and the email addresses that are on the Remove List couldn't be added again.

Are there any tips for increasing the response to our email campaigns?
Make sure to create messages that are highly useful and interesting to the subscriber. Proper segmentation of the email list is important for increasing the response to your campaigns. Craft appealing subject lines and give the recipients the options to view your emails in HTML or text-only formats.