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Tips to Optimize your Email Campaigns

July 05, 2014

 Tips of email Campaign

If you are in business, you should not miss out on the opportunities that an optimized email campaign can present.  Email marketing is a valuable tool for any business that wants to thrive.

Social media may be trendy as a way to interact with customers and potential leads but traditional email correspondence is still hard to beat as a way to target new business.  How can you make your email marketing campaigns more effective?

Go for a Newsletter option

Newsletters are a great way to interact with customers who have subscribed to your email list; they allow you to share all your latest news and to offer recipients exclusive access to offers that are not included on your website.  You can use professional email marketing to tailor the product that you send to different groups of people such as new customers. 

Get your subject line right

The subject line of an email is what initially grabs the attention of the recipient; it is what makes them open the email.  For this reason you need to make sure that your subject lines are interesting while at the same time being succinct and informative.  This is not easy to achieve.  A useful tool that some email marketing solutions provide is the ability to send the same body of an email with different subject lines so that you can monitor which gets the best results. 

It’s all in the detail

Customers are not stupid, they know that emails are sent to lots of people.  That doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate the personal touch.  If you have personal information about someone use it to make an impression.  For instance if you know someone’s first name address the email that way, Dear Simon…

It may seem like a really simple thing but most people will like to feel as though you are speaking to them directly. 

Segmentation is king

A good way to create an email campaign is to segment your email distribution lists.  Doing this allows you to customize who you send certain information to.  For instance you may want to send a welcome email to new subscribers to tell them what they can expect from your service, or you may want to follow up with subscribers who have been dormant with their custom for a while.

Creating effective email marketing requires plenty of thought and the investment of time; professional email marketing services can help with this. 

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