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Tips for Improving Your Email Marketing Campaign

June 03, 2014

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Email marketing campaigns are living things.  They are not something you do as a one off and don’t follow up.  To be at all successful they have to be monitored, analysed, and adapted if necessary.  If you are a small business and cannot afford the personnel to do this work enlisting email marketing services can help you manage the work that needs to be done. 

You are Sending but is Anyone Receiving?

Sending out emails to thousands of people does not improve your revenue; this only happens if an email reaches someone’s inbox and they open it and take action.  As a business you have to keep check on how many of your emails are reaching their intended destination and being acted upon.  If the numbers are less than they should be it’s important to make sure that you are sending the emails from a verified address and you are not using words that would be regarded as potential spam in their subject line; such as ‘order’ or ‘opportunity’.  ISPs will likely block emails with these type of subject lines.  The experts can help you create a marketing campaign that takes these issues into consideration.   

Make Sure your Email is Relevant

You probably won’t be able to run an email marketing campaign where one email is sent to all.  Your customers, or potential customers, will have different requirements and one of the worst things you can do is send an email to people that has no relevance to them; it will make your marketing seem lazy. 

Make your Message Device Friendly

An email campaign should be optimised for effectiveness across all devices.  In this age of the smart phone many people access their emails in transit.  If they cannot read the content on the device there is a good chance that they will lose interest rather than access it again on their laptop or PC at a later time. 

Make it Easy to Opt Out

This may sound a little strange but you have to allow people the option to opt out of your emails by law.  Making it hard for them to do so, by hiding a link away, will not help your campaign; it will just irritate people and cause potential damage to your reputation. 

Make the Most of your Social Media

Email marketing experts will help you to maximise your social media effectives by ensuring that links are included on all of your email marketing campaigns.  Social media is there to help you interact with customers; it’s very important that your customer’s know where to find you. 

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